Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's Get Started

Hi guys! My name is Camiller and welcome to my blog. Join me in my adventures as I travel the world, eat good food, explore fashion and show proof that a woman can never have enough clothes and shoes. *wink*

Drop that chocolate and nobody gets hurt.

Unto my first outfit post..

I consider myself lucky because at work, we don't have a strict dress code. We can put on whatever we feel like wearing as long as we look decent and presentable of course. This allows me to wear shorts and skirts and everything shmancy. Yay!

The peplum trend made a comeback around two years ago and slowly, I got hooked. Methinks it helps in making it appear that I have more curves than I really do and I can eat as many as I want (which is always the case) and the bulge won't show. Tell me, what's not to love? Here, I paired it with my favorite off-white shorts and voila, a simple yet flattering look.

What to eat for dinner, and tomorrow's breakfast, and tomorrow's lunch...

What I Wore:

Many thanks again to one of my cool photographer friends, OJ Tizon. You can check out his work here.
P.S. This is not a Valentines dedicated post.

xo, Cams


  1. Replies
    1. Dito pala ako dapat nagreply, anyway I'm commenting to tell you to read my comment sa baba :P

  2. Haha yay may first commenter na ako! Thanks dacning Emil! :D

  3. Food, yes. Always fun to think about food. Although I'm not sure if I do it as fashionably as you do! :))

    Hi Camiller! Congrats on finally launching your blog! :D Putting this on my follow list hehe. I've been wanting to revive my own blog (or maybe create a new one altogether) for the longest time peroooo emsotamad k. :))

    Buuut this got me thinking (such inspire wow haha)!! Looking forward to your next update! :)

    1. Audrey! So wow, much flattered. :D

      Goooo update your blog na, so happy to be some sort of inspiration. I feel you, after two years ngayon ko lang naituloy, but hey it's never too late right? ;) Tell me pag okay na ulit ha. Happy valentines day to you and Rach! :*