Monday, March 17, 2014

Stay This Way

Every now and then, I daydream that we have four seasons here in the Philippines. When I traveled to Europe two years ago, I had the chance to layer clothes like silly, wear all the boots, pretty beanies and scarves without having anyone raising their eyebrows, if I were here in Manila. Vanity aside, it would be so nice to see all the flowers that would bloom in spring, the foliage in autumn, the first snow at the onset of winter.. aahh a girl can dream. Well, I guess we all long for the things that we are not accustomed too, just like how my Polish and German friends would go crazy to live in a tropical country like ours, spending their days on our finest beaches, while eating all the mangoes and coconuts they could find. We would definitely trade places if we can!

Having said that, I always grab the chance to wear "winter-y" clothes whenever the temperature here in Manila drops to even a few Celsius. The start of this year is relatively cool, so last February, I chose to wear this outfit as I deemed it appropriate enough for the weather. I did not roam around wearing the hat definitely but I still managed to raise many eyebrows, not that I care though. *wink*

This is a jumpshot. No, I do not have a square butt.

What I Wore:
Lace Top
Pleated Skirt
Mango Military Jacket (similar here but not really)

Dream of winter with me? :)
Have a great Monday guys!

xo, Cams

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